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apu02 Cables

To connect the Moxa with my apus I had to customize the cables I got from aliexpress.

Till now I never had to create my custom serial console cable, so to me this was a new experience.

Finding the combination

I first had to find out the correct combination of cables since it did not work with these cables right away so I put a breadboard in between the cables. Breadboard in the middle To connect the wires to the breadboard I did crimp connectors to them. Crimped male connectors For this I used a crimping tool and a set of connectors. Crimping tool Then the fun started, based on the information from pcengines and from the Moxa CN2510 Manual about the expected wiring I tried to apply it to the existing cable.

Check the cable

I checked the wiring using a Fluke 115. Fluke 115

Pin combinbations

Finally I had the correct wiring transferred to my cable.

For the RJ45 the Moxa needs the following wiring:

Pin Collor Signal Type
1 transparent DSR
2 green RTS
3 white GND
4 orange TxD
5 brown RxD
6 red DCD
7 blue CTS
8 yellow DTR

From the DB9 Connector these colors are assigend to the follwing Pins, the apu expects a wiring of a null modem cable.

Pin Collor Signal Type
1 brown DCD
2 red RxD
3 white TxD
4 green DTR
5 orange GND
6 blue DSR
7 transparent RTS
8 yellow CTS
The mapping

Based on this information I came up with the following mapping: color

Pin Collor
1 blue
2 yellow
3 -
4 red
5 white
6 orange
7 transparent
8 green

The the RJ45 crimping tool came to use. Crimp tool And the custom cable got produced. Cable