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Fan modification

fan in place


This is a guid that shows you a way how you can change the fans in your supermicro CSE8?6 case. There are multiple versions of 80 * 80 fan cases available some are easier to use for this modification than others. In the next secion I will introduce two fan case variation.

Fan cases

fan case comparison In the picture above you can see that the FAN-0126L4 case has a notch that makes it harder to drop in standard (less thick e.g. 25 mm) fans. fan case models The FAN-0094L4, 672042020317 case on the right does not have this notch and can be easily used for this mod.

Remove the original fan from the case

release the socket The first step is to release the clip that holds the socket, push of the clip and loosen the socket. release screws Release all screws that hold the fan screws released separated fan and case Take the fan out of the case release cable Release the cable from the fan cut off cable Cut the cable from the fan, remember, just do this if you do not need the original fan anymore, since it might be hard to power it after this modification. cable Now we have the original socket, we will now proceed to crimp on sockets.

Crip the cable

tools for crimping Get your tools ready for crimping the cable take off isolation Take of a few millimeters of cable isolation of each cable wrong connectors Dont crimp on these connectors use these You will need the male connectors and a socket cable is done Insert the connectors into the 4 PIN socket

Put it together

fit You can see that the socket still fits install custom fan Now you can install your custom fan, put the fan cable through the cable hole. mount fan Mount the fan with the original screws install original socket Install the original socket and put the clip back done Connect the custom fan with the socket we crimped to the original cable

Install custom fan

slide in fan Slide in the custom fan