Recently we where connected by swl to the fiber network and I switched from upc, finally getting rid of the enforced router, finally the aera of synchonous connectivity started.


sg300 The setup is refreshingly simple, I added an SFP modul (FLEXOPTIX S.B1312.10.XDL) to the Cisco SG300-10 switch I used before, that was all. With my new provider iWay it was not even necessary to configure a specific VLAN.

On there website they say you need a Simplex TX 1310nm/RX 1490nm BiBi SFP Module.

The SFP module is connected to port 9 on the switch, port 10 goes to my OPNsense router. Ports 9 and 10 are on the same VLAN, just via access ports to separate the traffic. sg300 vlans Port 8 gets internet from the router and distributes it to port 4, my office switch.

OPNsense WAN

This is the WAN configuration I use WAN


This is about connecting the Draytec Vigor 165 as simple Modem to a VDSL2 t-online connection in Germany